Sole Authorized Agents for Mumbai

Sole Authorized Agents for Mumbai

WWK 302 H

Heat Pump

  • DHW heat pump
  • Suitable for outdoor installation (up to -5 °C ambient temperature)
  • Emergency/booster heater included as standard
  • Exceptional DHW convenience (draw-off profile XL to EN 16147)
  • Hygienic DHW temperature of > 60 °C in efficient heat pump mode only
  • Maintenance-free impressed current anode (saves costs for anode checking/replacement otherwise required regularly), as well as integral electric emergency/booster heater included as standard
  • Quiet compressor, sound-isolated from the air flow
  • Heat content control via integral sensor

operating & installation manual  

Energy efficiency class, DHW heating (indoor air), load profile L
Heat source min./max. application limits
-5/+42 °C
Rated capacity
302 l
HP DHW temperature
61 °C
Nominal load profile (EN16147)
Maximum available nominal DHW volume at 40 °C (EN 16147 / A20)
457 l
Rated heating output Prated (EN 16147/A20)
1,50 kW
Heat-up time (EN 16147 / A20)
11,17 h
Power consumption, standby period (EN 16147 / A20)
0,037 kW
COP (EN 16147 / A20)
Power consumption, emergency/booster heater
1,5 kW
Sound power level (EN 12102)
60 dB(A)
Average sound pressure level at 1 m distance, free field
45 dB(A)
Safety valve connection
Rp 3/4
Power supply
1/N/PE 220-240 V 50/60 Hz


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