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Shower units combine a high level of comfort and safety in an attractive design, making it the most user friendly compact "Instantaneous" shower water heater on the market. They are installed directly in your shower cubical & come complete with Shower Rose, Riser Rail & a Soap Dish. All these units have adjustable electrical power outputs & flow rates.
With the innovative aero jet system, the ambiant air replaces
40% of the water molecules with air. Aside from this water saving,
you are also saving up to 40% electricity and still enjoy the same soothing warm splash.

  • The worlds first instant hybrid water heater
  • Up to 40% of water and energy saving
  • Maintenance free copper tank
  • Patented Aerojet for saving water and electric
  • Splash proof (IP25)
  • O2 enriched shower
  • All German engineered
  • 5 setting shower head
  • Corrosion free copper tank & heater element
  • Able to work with low water pressure
Multi Point
3 Phase Series

Multi Point
1 Phase Series
  • DHCE Series
  • DHM Mini Series

  • Single Point
    1 Phase Series
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