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Three Phase units offer higher flow rates & temperature's, combined with the fact that this hot water is truly instant & continuous. For soft or even very hard water areas...Whatever solution you choose - STIEBEL ELTRON is Master of this Technology. One thing all theses models have in common; they are Very Energy-Efficient & offer a long service life. These units are compact & extremely easy to install.
That quality moment. The DHE electronic comfort unit provides water controlled to the nearest degree. Allow its four functions for good health to pamper you thoroughly. Thanks to its intelligent
fully-electronic control, water is always available at exactly the required temperature. Any fluctuations in pressure and temperature are actively compensated. For maximum user
convenience, you also get a hard-wired remote control, or alternatively, a wireless remote control unit. This allows you to control the DHE electronic comfort system from a different room.

  • As standard with four-key wireless mini remote control
  • Exact required temperature to the precise degree
  • Infinitely variable temperature adjustment between 20°C and 60°C
  • Water and energy consumption display
  • For pre-heated water, e.g. for reheating with a solar heating system
  • 4 shower programs for good health
  • Electronic safety system with air detection
  • Bare wire heating system with pressure-tested copper casing
  • Exclusive soft-line design
  • Multifunction display
  • Flow rate display
  • ECO economy mode
  • 4 shower programs for good health
  • Childproof system
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