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Three Phase units offer higher flow rates & temperature's, combined with the fact that this hot water is truly instant & continuous. For soft or even very hard water areas...Whatever solution you choose - STIEBEL ELTRON is Master of this Technology. One thing all theses models have in common; they are Very Energy-Efficient & offer a long service life. These units are compact & extremely easy to install.
Temperature maintained without cold shocks. The DHB-E SL
instantaneous water heater unit offers all the major comfort
settings of an electronically controlled device. The actively
controlled output compensates for pressure fluctuations in
the water supply, guaranteeing you a pleasant shower. Temperature fluctuations or waiting.Temperature fluctuations
or waiting "forever" for hot water are definitely a thing of the
past. After all, the DHB-E SL consumes up to 20 % less energy
and water than hydraulically controlled units, thanks to its
modern electronics.

  • Constant temperature up to the output limit
  • Infinitely variable temperature adjustment between 30°C and 60°C
  • Exclusive soft-line design
  • Electronic safety system with air detection
  • For hard and soft water areas
  • Hoseproof to IP 25
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